Vice President President Osinbajo Shades Info Minister Lai Mohammed's Jollof Rice Statement

Minister of Information Lai Mohammed said last week that Senegal Jollof rice is the best compared to Nigerian Jollof rice and that caused quite some stir online as Nigerians got upset and bashed him.

His interviewer Richard Quest later came out to tweet that the Information Minister had misunderstood the question he was asked.He said he had asked Lai which Jollof rice was the best between Nigerian and Senegal but Lai thought he had asked which Country Jollof rice started from...*Rolling my eyes*

I heard that question loud and clear so I wonder why a whole information minister will not listen well before he gives answers...

The Vice President said and I quote ''..and by the way we all know that Nigerian Jollof rice is the best.
Don't we all?We beat the Ghanaians and the Senegalese hands down...''

Now that is how to be a patriotic Nigerian