The convener of PDP National Youth Frontier, Mr Austin Okai was  arrested in Abuja by security forces, he was trailed to a food joint on Abacha Barrack road.

The Security forces bundled him into their vehicle when he demanded to make call to his people to inform them, he however was able to quickly send an SOS to one of his friend via sms which then sent the message to social media.
Austin an Indigene of Kogi State who provides opposition to the governor and constantly demand for good governance for the Kogi people. The Governor who many termed as youth representative in government has now joined the old politicians in their tyrannical attitude of clamping down on critics and opposition.

One of the pressure group where Austin belongs, The Nigerian Wailers has taken to social media to alert Nigerians and the whole world of his arrest and have started online campaign with the hashtag
# FreeAustinOkai to secure his release.