Usually people start off on a very good note in terms of their relationships. When it's fresh, the love is deep and strong. You see pictures all over Facebook and or intsagram and as dp on whatsapp etc. Someway somehow things begin to fall apart...sometimes the two can really tell what happened but sometimes one person cannot put his or her finger on the exact problem. Sometimes people keep wondering what went wrong. Here are some of the causes:

Some people hastily enter into relationship considering the treat and comfort at the beginning of the relationship alone. They don't take their time to get to know the person very well. If the two believe in different things or cherishes different things, if not well manage can create misunderstanding in the relationship and later, the love will be gone. Because the things you will cherish will not be cherished by your partner.

Some people enter into relationships with so many expectations. When these expectations are not met it tends to make the love go away. Sometimes people assume that this person is like this or that but upon getting closer, they discover that person isn't. Though some decide to stay, a lot more will find an excuse and walk away.

Some people are so jealous to the extent that they feel insecure about their partners. They feel their partners can leave them at anytime or is cheating on them or people may convince them to leave. For this reason They become an investigator. They check phone contents, movement plan, the kind of friends you make, who you talk to. This certainly will get on the nerve of anybody and reduce trust in the relationship. With time, the love will be gone.

Some people enter into relationships and they keep BIG secrets to themselves. Later in the relationship the partner discovers that...the person they are dating or madly in love with is married or not married but has a child or he/she isn't the person portrayed at the beginning of the relationship. Love and trust will vanish or diminish in most cases.

Some people can be one way papa. From the beginning of the relationship they will always meet in the room and they will always have sex....end of story. The same thing over and over again...nothing new. After a while the relationship becomes boring and it takes away the love...especially if your partner is a fun loving person.

Some people keep comparing their ex with their new partner. They expect the new partner to behave like their ex. Some even unintentionally mention the name of their ex when having sex and when they are moaning. Some verbally say it in normal conversation...if it were to be my ex, like he or she will do it this way or that way. This annihilates the love.

This is somebody you trust and have defended against what everybody else is saying. After sticking your neck out for the person you discover that he or she is either dating somebody else or is having sex with another. The worse part is to catch them in the ACT. This will break the heart and burn the love.

If you are unfortunate and enter into a relationship with someone who nags at every little thing. Today it's this tomorrow it is that. Whatever you do there is a fault. What you wear, places you go...everything you do. Over time you get fed up with the relationship and the love.

Some people watch romantic movies or read romantic books and they want their world or relationship to be like they watched or read. If it doesn't happen that way then to them there is no love. They will leave.

For some people, they will love you and give you all the attention....suddenly the love is gone and it's for no REASON. You may think they are seeing somebody else but no. You may think you have done something wrong but no. You will think till thy kingdom come. Just know that there are some people like that whose love can experience perpetual DUM(switched off) for no REASON. Their mind is blown by the direction of the wind.

It is important not to rush into a relationship, take your time and get to know the person for a while. Don't focus on having fun alone especially at the beginning of the relationship but use the time to ask relevant questions and study the person. Build your love on a solid foundation.