Uche Ogah And Vanity Of Wisdom- By Don Ubani

Uche Ogah

The biblical very wise king Solomon made us to understand that after spending lots of time and energy acquiring knowledge as to become, may be, the wisest man in the universe, he ironically realized the whole acquisition only amounted to vanity.

 In fact he described it as mere vanity upon vanity. It is, therefore, not surprising that man has continued to show imperfection even in matters that ordinarily would require the application of common sense.

 After the judgment of the Appeal Court in Governor Okezie Ikpeazu versus Uche Ogah, in which the learned Justices gave very sound, perfect and convincing reasons why Uche Ogah can not be governor in the circumstance of his political quest, many patriotic indigenes of Abia State had thought that Dr Uche Ogah, a man associated with knowledge, would have displayed altruism, patriotism and restraint by appreciating and accepting the reality, both moral and legal, of the verdict. No patriotic son,daughter or lover of the state ever imagined that Uche Ogah would proceed further with his litigation.

At this juncture, it must be borne in mind that Uche Ogah's litigation is not against Okezie Victor Ikpeazu, Ph.D as a person but, whether we admit it or not, against the state. For any person that is sincere, this assertion is a statement of fact and does not require any explanatory note. It has just been made known that Uche Ogah has gone to the Supreme Court on a fourty-two grounds of appeal against the judgment of the learned Justices of the Appeal Court in favour of Governor Ikpeazu. Constitutionally-speaking, Uche Ogah is entitled to exercise his fundamental human right.

The questions that we must not fail to ask are;(1) what does Uche Ogah intend to achieve by heading to the Supreme Court?(2) does he, at all, know that there is an opportunity cost to the good people of Abia State by his litigations? (3) does he ever think that injustice can triumph over injustice and(4)why is he neck-deep in desperation? PDP in Abia State, for the umpteenth time, advises Uche Ogah to consider the collective interest of Abia State and retrace his steps, except it is true that he has reached an understanding with the All Progressives' Congress.


 Don Ubani ( JP, Okwubunka of Asa )
State Pub-Sec PDP, Abia State.