On Aba and/or Abia Roads: we plead for increased understanding - Ndukwe

I have read reports of where some citizens who feel aggrieved about the nature of some of our roads have berated Law makers in the State for being docile. I have also read reports where some in their own estimation assumed that the House of Assembly shows little or no concern regarding the plight of their constituents.

Those who hold such demarketing  opinions are right in a democratic government. However, it is important to note that they are either false or fail to capture the disposition of Abia Law makers regarding the state of affairs in our dear Abia.

It would be recalled that the House knew how expedient it was for the new administration to hit the ground running, hence the speed with which a supplementary budget was approved last year. The result of that ingenuity was that no fewer than fifteen roads were either reconstructed or reashpalted in Aba alone. This spate equally  spread across other communities in Abia. It is therefore correct to say that the House of Assembly offered Governor Okezie Ikpeazu the much needed leverage to effect and has continued to effect the lives of Abians within the shortest possible time.

The House of Assembly led by our ebullient Speaker, Rt. Hon. Barr Martins Azubuike moved the entire members to Aba for on the spot assessment of infrastructure especially roads in Aba. Again, the House made valid inputs including but not limited to provision of palliatives in areas that mostly were either yet to be awarded or would take long to receive attention depending on varying factors.

I know that despite the enormity of interventions made possible by the administration to alleviate the sufferings of people in Aba, there is need to still do more. I am also aware that the government ably supported by the House has put measures to ensure that within the shortest possible time, our pains are reduced to the barest minimum.

I know that Faulks Road is in a state of alarming dilapidation to the extent that it makes assessing Ariaria impossible. I know that PH , Osusu and Omuma Roads are equally damaged just to mention but a few.

One thing I want our people to know is that a government that reconstructed Ukaegbu and Owerri Roads using cement technology, recovered Umule, Kamalu and Omni Roads, resurfaced virtually all the adjourning roads in 'town' of Aba, reconstructed Umuola and reconstructing Ururuka road can be trusted to do more. This administration at least has the personality of not reneging on its promise. There are evidences to prove this despite daunting challenges.

Abians have tried to be on the news for the very wrong reasons. It doesn't help us to move around with cameras recording images of bad spots just to disparage the government. Let us stop painting ourselves black just to smear each other. When the goat purposely defecates on its body, the goat and not the owner suffers the effect of stench.

It will not do us any good to keep posting and reposting pictures of roads which the government had already awarded pending the rains for work to commence. Sometimes, we could better move further by making enquiries than propagating falsehood. If the government says it has entered into a partnership with Aftican Development Bank (AfDB) to reconstruct the seemingly intractable PH Road, or awarded the reconstruction of Brass - Faulks - Ariaria junction to SETRACO, a responsible citizen can enquire from these partners to be sure. When we do this, it serves us better than heating the polity based on assumptions.

I assure us that members of Abia State House of Assembly are committed to honest provision of democracy dividends. They are aware that the people to a very large extent determine their faith. They are also not immune from using these amenities. The dry season is just by the corner. Let us continue to give this government the benefit of doubt at least until that time it would be safe to say it has failed us. I am certain that we will not get to that path of the road.

Again, Abia House of Assembly will continue to offer express support and leverage to ensure that our lots as a people are improved.

Rt. Hon. Sir Cosmos Ndukwe
Deputy Speaker
Chairman, House  committee on
Media & Publicity