"Robin Hood the mandate thief and his village idiots" - OKIYI

In the mind of village idiots hired by a political desperado intent on stealing a mandate that does not belong to him, the fact that PH road Aba, Aba-Ikot Ekpene highway, Umuahia-Ikot Ekpene and Faulks road are in bad condition conclusively proves that Governor Okezie Ikpeazu has not performed well in 15 months and a coup d'etat must be executed against him without regards to the law.

Only a village idiot will agree with that notion.

Make no mistake about it, what Uche Ogah is attempting is a civilian coup. Nothing more, nothing less.

What he instructed his hirelings to do is what some of us already know as one of the key ingredients and steps in a military or civilian coup d'etat process. Before you remove a dully elected government you must spread the notion that the govt is so bad that your coup is an act of mercy aimed at rescuing the masses.

That is the current item in the operating manual Mr Ogah delivered to his mainstream and social media hirelings who have long accepted the title of village idiots. "Demonize Governor Okezie by all means while I fund his ouster" is the assignment.

That is why you are seeing fake and dramatic images of Aba roads, including those showing Aba soil as now red. Most of those pictures are post heavy rain and flood pictures from Edo State alongside others they grafted from even VGC/Lagos flooding that had goods floating on water.

Simply put, they are on a mission to commit sedition and all the ingredients of sedition are already present. According to Wikipedia sedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that tends toward insurrection against the established order. Sedition often includes subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontent (or resistance) to lawful authority.

Take note of the following incontrovertible facts:

1. When a blogger published malicious falsehood against Governor Ikpeazu, it was the village idiots of Uche Ogah's camp that printed one of the fake materials, made it into leaflets and distributed in Abia to opinion leaders as evidence against the Governor. They demanded that they quit backing the governor on the strength of the falsehood they clearly knew how it was forged and sent to the blogger for publication. (Now we know too)

2. The same blogger published that Governor Okezie buried a 9 year old at government house and the governor's team chose to invoke the rule of law as permitted in democratic settings and after several telephone invitations the blogger was arrested at his hideout in Akwa Ibom State and brought to Umuahia to give flesh to his allegations.

Can you guess what happened next?

One of Uche Ogah's boys, according to him, flew to Umuahia and sprung the blogger from DSS custody, took pictures with him and then posted same at Facebook to mock the government of Okezie Ikpeazu as "docile" for refusing to interfere with the investigation process. (You can see the screen shot attached).

Good enough you now know who has been sponsoring the seditious propaganda against the Governor.

3. Reports available to me from my sources say that the blogger made a statement to the effect that he never published any such thing but rather that his site was hacked by unknown persons. Unfortunately he does not understand technology enough to know that digital footprints are easy to trace.

Suffice it to say that if indeed he did not publish the offensive materials there was no reason to hide from DSS and compel them to deploy resources to physically arrest him months after 3 friendly telephone invitations.

4. Few days before Uche Ogah stormed Umuahia with his Abanganized tissue paper and rogue security agents, Governor Ikpeazu flagged off the reconstruction of Faulks (Ariaria) road at Aba with internationally acclaimed Setraco construction limited as project contractor and a commercial bank as project financier in a novel "pay as you deliver" arrangement. Before the contractor could fully mobilize to site people identified as Uche Ogah's people started calling the contractors working for ABSG, including Setraco, to dissuade them from continuing with any job from the govt as they will be risking non payment when "Uche take over".
One of the village idiots even went to court to stop the federal govt from giving allocations to the dully elected governor of Abia state and keep it for a would be Robin Hood government.
Amazingly, the same goons responsible for paralyzing repair work along Faulks road are the same people generating fake pictures of Faulks road to share at Facebook as evidence of non performance. Sedition intended.

5. PH road, Aba-Ikot Ekpene and Umuahia-Ikot Ekpene highways are abandoned federal roads in Abia requiring urgent intervention.
Governor Ikpeazu mobilized AfDB and Federal Ministry of work to come to Abia for final inspection before signing of agreement to fund reconstruction of PH road and others including Osisioma flyover.
The AfDB and FMW team were in Abia when Uche Ogah stormed the state to execute a Justice Abang and INEC enabled coup in Umuahia without waiting for the legal right of appeal to be exhausted.
Today, Ogah's people even shared a picture from Edo state as PH road Aba just to incite Abians against the Governor. Sedition in progress.

6. Out of the 15 months he has been in power, Governor Okezie Ikpeazu spent 9 months defending his mandate against desperate Alex Otti. The Supreme Court delivered what Abians thought was a final verdict that will end the distractions in February 2016.  Four months down the line, Uche Ogah procured judgement from Abang and forcefully attempted to crown himself governor.  Alex Otti promptly rejoined the fray in a show of pathological desperation for power.

Even after the appeal court ruled to restore equity and justice, Uche Ogah refused to listen to well meaning Nigerians, including Prof Ben Nwabueze, urging him to stop the distractions against the Governor and Government.
He surely knows he will not win at the Supreme Court but is rather possibly banking on compromising the judiciary at the highest level in Nigeria.

Key Note: Uche Ogah is not saying he contested and won any election, he simply wants to be Abia's political Robin Hood.

7. Non of the village idiots sharing pictures of roads will ever accept that Governor Ikpeazu has done just one road. Yet their churches have given awards to the Governor for constructing and commissioning at least 17 different roads at Aba alone, even under the distractions. That averages more than one road per month at Aba alone, since the Governor was inaugurated. Feel free to either believe the hired village idiots or their church leaders.

What exactly is Uche Ogah playing at?

Let me help you to understand the Ogah game plan succinctly. Some of the people he contacted to help execute the initial coup against the Governor could not act because they received reports that the Governor is popular and has a base constituency that will NEVER accept him being supplanted by Uche Ogah who never contested any poll. More so when his base know that he was working for government and his taxes deducted at source for the period under review. They also know he got his tax documents from the right source and hence are convinced that what the Governor is facing is organized conspiracy allegedly funded with ill gotten $4m of our subsidy money.

It was always certain that if the coup was executed there is unmitigateable risk of internecine bloodshed in Abia that will leave permanent scars and tarnish the image of the govt and judiciary. To counter that, Robin Hood's consultants generated the plan to throw mud and malicious falsehood at the Governor to rile up the populace against him. End game is sponsored protests against the Governor.

That is the current campaign you are witnessing at social media. Some mainstream columnists and TV stations anchors have been funded to report negatively on Abia from this week till the Supreme Court rule. As we approach commencement of proceedings at the Supreme court please feel free to start ticking off the paid hands at social and mainstream media.

After we have routed them at the Supreme Court I will name and shame them one by one so they will not have any credibility left to return and make all sorts of funded noise in the name of activism.

Even in the Bible "books were opened" (Revelation 20:12, NIV)

Governor Okezie Ikpeazu's supporters and the great people of Abia State should remain calm and harbor no fear. Ubochi amuru dike ka amuru ibe ya......darkness have never defeated light and Robin Hood never ruled any state in England of his days.

Go about your lawful pursuits and watch out for Okezie caterpillars as they move to a neighborhood near you. The Governor is self motivated to fix Abia and I promise you he will surely rewrite history books in Abia.

Happy Holidays.

John Okiyi Kalu, a technology consultant writes from Umuahia