Banned from Rio Paralympics, Russian athletes compete in games at home

As the Paralympic Games in Rio are underway, Russia has held a two-day contest for its Paralympic team that has been banned from the official games. The competition is for those athletes who made up the national squad, representing 18 Paralympic sports.

It may not be the Paralympic glory they hoped for, but for these Russian athletes it is a chance to put an end to years of preparations for this year’s Paralympic Games in Brazil. Banned from the games over state-run doping, these elite!athletes took part in an alternative competition outside of Moscow instead.

Banned from Rio Paralympics, Russian athletes compete in games at home 266 athletes originally selected for the National Paralympic team
took part in the tournament. They represent 18 sports including track and field athletics, swimming, tennis and archery. Russia decided to hold this alternative Paralympic tournament after it lost an appeal against a blanket ban imposed by the International Paralympic Committee. The dispute is centered on a World Anti-Doping Agency report, which alleges that Russia’s Sports Ministry and the security services covered up hundreds of
doping cases across Olympic and Paralympic events.

Some results here in the tournament have beaten current world!records but it’s unlikely to be taken into consideration by!international sporting officials. Some of these athletes had ahandful of competitors, while others had none at all.

Russia’s Paralympic athletes are considered to be some of the best in the world. Their team took the second place behind China at London 2012. But with the suspension of the country’s membership of the International Paralympic Committee, the  ussian team will miss the 2018 Games in South Korea, and it’s unclear when they’ll be allowed to return to international competition.