Amber Rose Describes Her First Threesome ,Says It Was F*cking Horrible .

Amber Rose is one who never fears to talk about her sex life. From the amount of times she masturbates per day, to howshe’s lost count on the amount of men she’s slept with .

Now the mother of one revealed in a sneak peek of her first Loveline podcast with Dr Donaghue that she left herself scarred after dabbling in threesome.

The 32-year-old admitted that she felt the need to expand her sexual horizons due to her public role as an expert on the subject of the bedroom.
‘We kinda just got together it was a guy and a girl and it was f**king horrible,’ Amber admitted to her co-host.

‘It was the worst. It was horrible. I am literally having sleepless nights,’ she said regarding the experience.

‘I felt the pressure, getting older, to experience new things and I did it against my better judgment because I talk about sex a lot,’ she said.

‘I promote that and I was like I need to have more experiences and so I did it.’
However, the plan backfired: ‘And I hated it. Because I feel like I am a very passionate lover and I like that one-on-one passion.’ ‘With the threesome I felt like there was no passion. there was no kissing and rolling around.

‘All those moments were not there.’ She then joked about ex Wiz Khalifa: ‘You know maybe I will call my baby daddy tonight.’ She concluded the topic by saying: ‘I won’t do it again. Maybe if it’s two guys but not with another girl.’