UCHE OGAH:The man who wants to destabilize Abia State via insidious measures" - Abia Interest Group

FROM: Abia Interest Group
TO: To Whom It May Concern
SUBJECT: Fraud, Forgery and other Criminalities Perpetrated
By Mr. Uche Ogah- The man who wants to destabilize Abia State via
insidious measures.

It is no longer news that a certain Mr Uche Ogah procured a curious Judgment from the Federal High Court, Abuja presided over by Justice Okon Abang with an intent to oust the democratically elected Governor of Abia State, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu. What is news is that this same man, who presented a frivolous case of false information at the courts, is battling to evade justice in a case of stark forgery, impersonation, and high level fraud in the Lagos Judicial Division. The gravity of the charges against Mr Uche Ogah may explain the reason why he is desperate to unseat the duly elected Governor and acquire immunity. This case of fraud, forgery, treachery and stark display of unscrupulous greed perpetrated by Mr. Uche Ogah of Master Energy Oil and Gas Ltd against a poor innocent widow, Pastor (Mrs.) Bridget Oluwatoyin Adeoshun of Mut-Has Petroleum Limited is a typical example of the questionable antecedents of this curious character, Uche Ogah, that wants to destroy the fabrics of equity and unity in Abia State.

1. Mrs. Adeoshun, the Managing Director of Mut-Has Petroleum Ltd was given a permit to import 10,000 Metric tons of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) under the Petroleum subsidy scheme sometime in April, 2011.

2. She approached Mr. Uche Ogah for Through-Put, that is the use of his tank farm for the storage of the said 10,000 Metric tons of petrol. On 2-2-2011, Mr Uche Ogah wrote Mrs Adedoyin ( letter is attached) and formally offered her company the use of his facility.

3. In the course of their discussion, she disclosed to Mr. Uche Ogah her efforts to secure a loan at ECO Bank Plc. for the purpose of discharging the financial Obligations required for the discharge of the contract.

4. Mr. Uche Ogah promised to use his extensive banking contacts to assist Mrs. Adeoshun to quickly secure the loan at ECO Bank and in the process collected photocopies of the documents she used in applying for the loan.
5. Subsequently, Mrs. Adeoshun kept visiting ECO Bank while reminding Uche Ogah to render assistance by way of helping to facilitate the loan as he had earlier promised.

6. Unknown to Mrs. Adeoshun, without her consent, Mr. Uche Ogah, armed with the photocopies of the contract he had obtained to use in helping the woman secure a loan at Eco Bank, trickly moved over to the UBA (United Bank for Africa) and fraudulently opened an illegal account in the name of Mrs. Adeoshun company – Mut-Has Petroleum Ltd.

7. This same Uche Ogah, it was later discovered, also proceeded to the PPPRA and in ways known only to him, began to transact business with the photocopied import permit which he obtained on trust and started using same to execute the importation of the products allocated to Mrs. Adeoshun. Meanwhile as this was going on, he continued to assure Mrs. Adeoshun that he was doing all in his power to help her secure loan from Eco Bank, for the financing the business.

8. It was not until the Debt Management office published the names of Companies that COLLECTED MONEY FROM THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND DEFAULTED IN THE SUPPLY OF PRODUCTS, that Uche Ogah’s wicked treachery was unveiled. Actually, Mut-Has Petroleum limited was published in the National Dailies as one of the companies that have collected money from the Federal Government without executing their obligations.

9. It was a perplexed Mrs. Adeoshun who then moved to Uche Ogah to ask him if he has heard of the serious development. She did not know that while Uche Ogah sold her the dummy of helping at ECO Bank, he has actually surreptiously taken over the business using forged papers.
10. It was this publication of debtor companies by the DMO and the subsequent investigation by the EFCC, that brought to light the nefarious criminality of Uche Ogah.

11. Mrs. Adeoshun, as the legitimate Director of Mut-Has Limited was thus invited by the EFCC to show reason why her company would collect money from Government and fail to supply the products. She suffered untold hardship during the cause of this investigation. The trauma of the interrogation of the innocent on the unfortunate woman can only be imagined.

12. Uche Ogah then moved to start covering his tracks.

13. First, he started by engaging in yet another forgery, this time, he drafted a fake memorandum of understanding wherein Mrs. Adeshun purportedly sold the rights of her company with respect to that contract to him.

14. So, apart from forging the signature of Mrs. Adeoshun and causing some staff of Uche Ogah’s Company to impersonate and sign as Directors of Mrs. Adeoshun’s Company, Uche Ogah now forged a Memorandum of Understanding purporting to buy the Import Permit from the hapless woman. This forged MOU and the signatures contained therin has long been proven to be forged after being subjected to forensic examination by the experts engaged by the Nigerian Police.(see attached Forensic Report )


(i.) Where is the original copy of the PPPRA perm
it if as he claimed Mrs. Adeoshun sold the permit to him? Or did he buy a contract and paid based on a mere photocopy? If the original permit is still with Mrs. Adeoshun, as is the case, what then did Uche Ogah purportedly buy?

(ii.) Who are the signatories to the scam account opened by Uche Ogah at UBA? Are they Directors of Mrs. Adeoshun’s company? If as it is, the signatories are personal staff of Uche Ogah’s Company- Masters Energy Ltd, can uche Ogah produce a Board Resolution of Mrs. Adeoshun’s Company Mut-Has Petroleum Limited authorizing a change of it’s Directors/Signatories.

(iii.) Why did the UBA vide a letter dated 1/9/2014 acknowledge the closure of the scam account “because it was fraudulently opened”?
(iiii.) Why and how did over Five Billion Naira pass through the scam account which Uche Ogah fraudulently opened at UBA – when the importation of petroleum permit given to Mrs. Adeoshun was for the sum of about 1.2 Billion Naira Only?

(v.) What other business were done with that scam account?
(vi.) How much tax accrued to Mrs. Adeoshun’s Company Mut-Has Ltd in the period under review? If, as it is, over one Hundred Million taxes has been accumulated on that scam account, why hasn’t Uche Ogah paid such tax.

(vii.) How come, in some of the correspondence with PPPRA, Uche Ogah changed the official address of Mrs. Adeoshun Company to his personal office address ? Did Uche Ogah also buy Mrs Adeoshun”s Company to warrant his staff of Masters Energy to become signatories to another person’s Company Account without authorization ?

(viii.) Is it true that a case of forgery of a company’s corporate account, operation of a scam fraudulent account, forgery of a non existing memorandum of understanding with criminal clauses - all these obvious acts of criminalities- was hurriedly struck out of a High Court for the sole reason of “mysterious absence of the prosecutors”?
(ix.) How come these serious cases of criminal actions are now being presented in a Magistrate Court obviously “remote controlled” by Uche Ogah?

(x.) Why is Uche Ogah pleading for out of court settlement if he believes he has no case to answer?

1) Uche Ogah appears to have obviously used his position and contacts to short -change Mrs. Adeoshun.

2) Uche Ogah, obviously must have forged the account-opening particulars, signatures and purported memorandum of understanding in order to circumvent the real owner of the import permit, Mrs Adeoshun.
3) Uche Ogah, from all indications, fraudulently opened and operated a scam account in connivance with some staff of UBA.
4) Uche Ogah evaded and consciously failed to pay tax running into mullions of Naira as a result of his questionable activities in the course of operating the said scam account in UBA.

A man who could do this horrible thing to a poor widow; a man who could forge documents and operate a scam account; a man who could pay off prosecutors and obstruct the cause of justice; a man capable of lying, cheating, intimidating, forging, conspiring and duping an innocent woman that placed her entire trust in him – such a man cannot in all good conscience be entrusted with the destiny of over four million Abians.

 We of the Abia Interest Group therefore earnestly request the intervention of all lovers of peace, equity and justice to intervene expeditiously and save us from the hands of this chameleonic desperado and his antics.
We call for a thorough investigation and arraignment of Uche Ogah in a High Court to give justice to this poor widow and save Abians from disaster.


Dr Eze Chikamnayo
Director General of Abia Interest group.