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Ridiculous Post By Uche Aguoru And Nkemdirim C Ogbonna- Don Ubani

Chief Don Ubani

The Facebook is one innovation that, no doubt, has made communication very easy. Once you are able to recharge your system, you can be sure of a platform that enables the world hear your opinion on any given subject. It is a very commendable development. Like it is known, what ever has merits also has some demerits. In the case of the Facebook, its disadvantage arises from the fact that it has no mechanism for restraint. Any person or group that wishes to rain abuses on his Governor or

President can use the Facebook uninhibited to achieve his mission. Among the posts that I read on the Facebook today were two different write-ups separately by one Uche Aguoru and Nkemdirim C Ogbonna. Both of them wrote on Governor Okezie Victor Ikpeazu of Abia State. The first was that of Uche Aguoru while the second was by Nkemdirim C Ogbonna. In my right of choice, I want to start with that by Ogbonna.

 Though his post appeared lengthy, the synopsis of it all was that the lead counsel of Governor Okezie Victor Ikpeazu in Ikpeazu versus Uche Ogah appeal, Chief Wole Olanipekun, assisted Governor Ikpeazu to convey billions of Abia State money to the Justices of the Appeal Court and, thereafter, personally wrote the verdict that the Justices read in favour of the appellant, the Governor. This is a clear case of what my late icon in journalism, Dele Giwa, would simply have dismissed as infantile dethronement of reason.

This cheaply and porously-fabricated unsubstantiable propaganda can only arise out of a deep well of paucity and contagious draught of reason. Why on earth, other than absurdity, would a human-being in this twenty-first century resort to such abnormally low level of reasoning and still make such bestiality public. Is this not both ridiculous and pitiable? Let me leave Nkemdirim C Ogbonna on this rhetorical note. On the post by Uche Aguoru, a commentator who has never hidden his hatred, disdain and contempt for Governor Okezie Victor Ikpeazu, I wish to recall that coincidentally, not quite long ago, two of us had written separately on the verdict of the Appeal Court in Okezie Ikpeazu versus Uche Ogah. While I took time to adumbrate the points I, though a layman, had considered germane that the Justices of the Appeal Court must have taken into consideration before granting Governor Okezie Victor Ikpeazu his requests, Uche Aguoru frowned at the verdict by the Appeal Court Justices as failing to address what only he knows to be the crux of Uche Ogah's suit.

 He claimed the Justices based their judgment on technicalities. After reading his, I drew his attention to my write-up in which I had argued that it would have amounted to a very dangerous breakdown of law and order for a court to predicate its sack order on a democratically elected governor on an originating summons. As a reasonably well exposed lay man and writer, I agreed with the learned Justices of the Appeal Court that a grave matter such as sacking the Peoples' Governor should have come only through a Writ of Summons in which case the defendant would have had ample opportunity to defend himself. The law does not confer on a judge the right to Approbate and reprobate.

That was what the Hon Justices of the Appeal Court professionally and bluntly made Justice Okon Abang to realize. In his post today, Uche Aguoru personally and deliberately told the world that his main business is abusing and insulting Governor Okezie Ikpeazu. Why this agenda should be his driving force is what I think only a multitude of erudite Professors of morality, ethics, demeanour psychology and even law could explain. Uche Aguoru wrote, among other things, that 'an average Abia civil servant within the past one year and four months can hardly afford three squarely meal and carter for his family adequately because our political system paired us with incompetent, careless, lazy, inept and clueless leader whose only quality is equity and he has succeeded in drawing the state back to the days that one will not wish to remember, crime and criminality that left Abia is now an every day story across the state.

 As the State Publicity Secretary of the Peoples' Democratic Party in Abia State, any attack on the Governor and Leader of my Party is an attack on my office. I know I have enough shock absorbers not only to give adequate protection to my Governor and Leader but also ample arsenal to launch deadly counter offensives. That Peoples' Democratic Party in Abia State is known for her peaceful disposition should not be misconstrued for weakness. If the Party is pushed to the wall, we would be capable of returning hell for fire. On what basis should this Uche Aguoru describe Governor Ikpeazu as incompetent, careless, lazy, inept and clueless? Is it in education? Do his sponsors and he not know that Governor Ikpeazu obtained his terminal degree, Ph.D, below the chronological age of thirty? How many people in his domain achieved this feat.

 An individual that suffers from ineptitude and laziness can not achieve this uncommon record. No incompetent leader can initiate the reconstruction of sixty-five roads and commission thirty-five within the first twelve months of his administration. Can a clueless leader bring about innovation in the dynamics of infrastructure? It is on record that Governor Ikpeazu's initiative brought about the introduction of cement technology in Abia State. Aguoru wrote about relapse of insecurity in Abia State.

Mischievously, he refused to state that Governor Ikpeazu has continuously equipped the Security Agencies in the State with the required logistics. Not long ago, two notorious kidnap kingpins were arrested in Aba, one from Ibinanta Igbere and another from Item, both in Bende Local Government Area. Before one would say Jack Robinson, Aguoru and his sponsors would say that the Governor's kinsmen are the brains behind kidnapping, a moribund tactics of tarnishing the image of an unjustifiably hated people. Whatever Aguoru and his sponsors' mission is, a time comes in a people's defence of injustice when a line has to be drawn. The unjustifiable insult on the office of the Governor of Abia State has reached a crescendo where that line should be drawn. Who does not know that economic recession brings with it a lot of untoward experiences. When the British Government suffered it about 1912 -1915, it led to the British Colonial Government amalgamating the Northern and Southern Protectorates of Nigeria, just to reduce cost. An insult to the Governor is an insult to the Party.

 Lest the traducers of Governor Ikpeazu forget, this recklessness could ignite geo-ethnic tsunami in the State, especially in Aba zone. The man that named his dog after Buhari narrowly escaped from irate northern indigenes in Ogun State. A stitch in time, saves nine.

 Don Ubani , ( KSC, JP Okwubunka of Asa )
State Pub-Sec PDP, Abia State.


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