Wednesday, 24 August 2016

My Virgins help me communicate with all my dearly departed - Charly Boy

The 62-year-old Nigerian celebrity, Charly Boy Oputa also known as Area Fada , who is known for his unconventional  way of living, has revealed to the public, that the women that are seen with him in public, which he calls his 'virgins', help him communicate with his dead loved ones.

Charly Boy usually appears in public with his virgins all dressed up in a punk-gothic way which normally creates a scene and grabs headlines.

Charly Boy with one of his virgins
Charly Boy and one of his virgins

He posted the above picture on his instagram page with the caption, "my Virgins help me communicate with all my dearly departed. They can translate the message of the dead"

One of Charly Boy's virgins communicating with him
Charly Boy's virgin communicating with him

In another instagram post, he aslo spoke about his multiple personality, here is what he wrote:

"Do you feel like you transform, going from one element of your
character to another one? "There are four personalities that dwell in this body. Charles Emeka Oputa, the guy you're having this conversation with. The phenomenon you know as CharlyBoy, Linda my feminine alter ego and Odudubariba the spiritual warrior.
I keep reinventing myself as I keep circumventing..."


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