Hypocrisy Of The Kano Puritans

KANO, the ancient industrial nerve of northern Nigeria, home to the richest guy in Africa, Aliko Dangote and the best politicians this united states of america has ever visible, the likes of Abubakar Rimi, Aminu Kano and Maitama Sule “danmasaninkano” just to mention however a few.

This wonderful city with all of its impeccable historical antecedents, a part of which earned it the nickname “tumbingiwa” (the massive elephant), has struggled to stay as much as its full ability. Its groundnut pyramids have long past extinct, it’s as soon as thriving hides and skin enterprise has long past comatose, its severa industries have come to be residential estates for the elite and its tye and dye heritage has been reduced to 3 pages on historical books taught in a few secondary schools.

As governments, civil society and social entrepreneurs try to take Kano returned to its glory days, a few clerics, overly  vocal with antiquated ideas and little apprehension of the metropolis’s  capability have turn out to be marine drill sergeants barking orders to a gullible populace. those clerics (usually within the minority but appear to have the loudest voices) are bereaved of exact ideas able to advancing the lives of people but will stick a clog in wheel of any significant and innovative initiative. Their frequently repugnant and conquistadorial messages had been the chief instigator of many crises which have claimed harmless lives over time.

To think that these puritans  will galvanise public motion towards a film village able to developing 4500 jobs however lose their voice to the devastating starvation of youngsters in northern Nigeria specially the ones in IDP camps, the millions of almajiris helplessly roaming the streets of Kano or the alarming maternal mortality fee within the north is without a doubt past me. Their argument is that the movie village will inspire immoral sexual sports and sell the abuse of tough tablets, perhaps, a go to to sabon-gari in Kano will best display how mythical their hypocrisy is. without the risk of sounding grandiloquent, their ‘monafiki’ is antique. according to the country wide Drug law Enforcement business enterprise, Kano has the highest drug abuse charge primarily based on number of seizures, arrests of addicts and convictions of arrested sellers.it'd additionally interest you to recognise that Kano has the very best divorce rate within the country to the volume that the state has to organise and pay for mass weddings to lessen the backlog.

These puritans have been vehemently in opposition to the fight against polio which turned into truely ravaging the society with masses of hundreds of children dropping using their arms and feet. They stirred up collection of propaganda about the polio vaccines and discouraged parents from having their youngsters inoculated. believe the thousands and thousands of children whose lives will had been lifeless on arrival if the bill and Melinda Gates foundation and Dangote had been now not courageous and passionate enough to have accompanied via with the venture to get rid of polio. those clerics need to disguise their face in shame nowadays understanding that polio in Kano isn't any more. It was Ghannouchi the leader of the Islamic celebration in Tunisia who uttered the subsequent phrases “we want non secular hobby to be completely impartial from political hobby.

 This is right for politicians because they will no longer be accused of manipulating religion for political way and suitable for faith as it will not be held hostage to politics”. Morocco, every other Muslim state has tourism representing a key segment of its financial outlook. In 2013, the sector contributed 17.2 billion greenbacks representing 18.7 percent of the full GDP. while many Muslim nations, like the UAE, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and a number of others are commencing their doors to the world and setting apart faith from politics or socio monetary improvement, Kano nation below an earthly state seeks to close its doors to worldwide traits and advancements ostensibly for religious purposes championed by using hypocritical puritans. those guys had been so ignorant of the truth that a film village arms them a terrific tool for societal engineering and to shape behaviour. They had been so blinded by hypocrisy that they neglected out on an opportunity to export thoughts, culture or even their spiritual beliefs via the movie village.

I rest my case with the words of my friend and professor of Islamic research at the Bayero college Kano (but won’t have me mention his call) who opened his Ramadan lecture in 2011, after coming back from the us on a short experience. “i have been to a non-Islamic united states and i have seen real Muslims, i am back to a enormously Islamic state and have not observed genuine Muslims”. it's time these puritans stopped maintaining us hostage. ‘Allah yataimaka’.

 Ayodele Adio a social critic, wrote from Lagos.