Graphic photos: Step mother allegedly tortures 7 year old stepdaughter to death in Kaduna state

 A 7 year old girl identified as Zainab (above), was allegedly tortured to death by her step mother in Kaduna state. According to Hausa news page, Zuma Times, the woman had been torturing the young child for so long and she finally gave up the ghost. They didn't say anything about the girl's parents. See graphic photos of Zainab after the cut .. *viewer discretion advised*.


  1. Oh dear, can't stop crying for you little girl. It wasn't your fault. Can't imagine what you endured suffering new wounds on old scars. You had the devil as a step mother, so unfair. You suffered so much at at that innocent age. Now, you are resting with your maker, where she can never see you again to torture. May she rot in hell forever.

  2. Why is this on the increase in the north. This their 4wives belief is really evil.


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