Gov Okowa's Aide Bags an Award as the Most Outstanding Youngest Political appointee in Delta State at Delta Heritage Awards

Wilson Junior Reports

It was fun all the way as DELTANS came en mass to celebrate
distinguished ladies and gentle men who had distinguished
themselves in various fields.

Not left out was the youngest appointee of the year Ossai Ovie
Success who was given the award of the Most outstanding
youngest political appointee of the year at the Delta Heritage

Speaking after the event the recipient express pleasure for the
award and urged members of the public to do the right thing. "I
must confess the journey wasn’t an easy one, starting from my
birth to where i am it hasn’t been easy.

I was born into a wonderful family one me and my siblings would
always make jest about but were so proud of .
I remember one time talking with my sister about our economic
situation and a friend passing through made a comment about
some been born with silver spoon, my sister responded that
although God hadn’t give us a silver spoon he had given us silver
smiths as parents which was the best gift of all.

We laughed over it so hard that night. Knowing that God’s choice
of parents for us where the best I could ever ask, for gave me
joy that night.

My advice to the youths of today is that nobody can ever be you
and nobody will ever be you. You are a wonderful creature
reserved to come out in the era’s in which you were all born, do
not think that all hope is lost, there is something you were all
born to be, some roles you were chosen to carry out but most of
all some good you are required to perform.
The men who we now have as leaders maintain the same cycle,
reason because we have not availed ourselves the opportunity to

The baton is about to be handed over to the youths, the big
question remains are we ready for the exchange. If you are within
the sound of my voice remember this even if the world calls you
names go ahead and be who God wants you to be.

I am Ossai Ovie Success and if I can do it, then you can do it! "
On July 6 2015, Gov Ifeanyi Okowa appointed Mr Ossai Ovie
Success as his Political Aide on Special Duties at the age of
23 ,the youngest political appointee in Delta State and Nigeria
What raised a few eyebrows concerning Ossai Ovie a Success in
his merited appointment is his age . But for those close to the
seat of power, the appointed of Ossai Ovie a Success did not
come as a slot by his father none his mother or under
godfatherism , surprise because he was an integral part of
Governor Ifeanyi Okowa a Media campaign team
Ossai Ovie Success (born Ossai Ovie Success; 2 February 1992)
is a Politician , Nigerian news carrier blogger, writer, entrepreneur
and the youngest political appointee in Delta and Nigeria as at

He is best known for his blog. He is one of the highest paid
blogger in Nigeria.