Buhari’s corruption and Nigeria’s need for referendum"-Igbokwe

By Okey Igbokwe

When Garba Shehu and Aisha Buhari were accused of Forex
round tripping, that is, buy $1 at N197 from the CBN and sell at
N320, guess the people who rushed out to defend them?; the
hoards of Southern Idiots whom Buhari is spitting saliva in their
mouth that he is fighting corruption, plugging leakages and
blocking waste.

These Castrated Idiots spent their data abusing their own people
from the South for daring to accuse Buhari the saint and his
people of buying and selling dollar as well as clap in applause as
the Aso Rock monster disgraced their own people Olisah Metuh,
Fani-kayode and others who served under Jonathan.

Today, Sanusi Lamido has clarified issues and vindicated us that
the fulani criminal in Aso Rock whom they chant his praises as
corruption fighter is looting them blind with their Forex.

One of the clogs preventing the progress of Nigeria as well as its
total restructuring or outright break up is the castrated Idiots
shouting one Nigeria from Southern Nigeria.

These same Idiots abused the hell out of their brother Jonathan
and Okonjo-Iweala for daring to give them a solid economic
structure that will better their life and future.

Nigeria needs a # Referendum! That way, the Castrated Southern
Idiots shouting one Nigeria will decide where to live rather than
living under a fulani hegemonic influence.