Abia At 25 : The New Ministry For Common Sense- By Cosmos Ndukwe

Cosmos Ndukwe 

I was sworn in yesterday by Senator Bruce and my work starts now.

 Join me look at Abia @25.

At 25, only Abians can marginalize Abia.

What you have in Abia is far more than whatever you are being denied in the name of political marginalization. Abia is great. I am not looking at the distractions of today. I am looking at the ability to harness all potentials to be great as a State - Sen. Ben Murray Bruce  Abia @ 25

I have reiterated that I am an unapologetic apostle of the scion of Common Sense, Sen. Ben Murray Bruce. Senator Bruce  makes deep sense. His thoughts on Abia @ 25 got me thinking. I think we have from within, all it takes to be a great State.

I agree with him that the Igbos as a people can do well with or without government. Senator Bruce recollected that shortly after the civil war, Rangers lifted the Challenge Cup while Eastern State also excelled in School Sports without practising football for 3 years. With a paltry 20 pounds pay off to our father's  after the civil war, Senator  Bruce so recollects that Igbos became Industrialists and subsequently manufacturers all over states of the federation called Nigeria.
In Abia, the passion of post war Nigeria still reverberates. In Abia, the determination of a people to succeed with little or no government patronage echoes overboard. Yes! Abians have not lost any strand of that can do spirit bequeathed to us by our forefathers, the zeal to overcome all challenges, no matter how daunting.

I agree that infrastructure is key to inspiring the industry spirit. I agree that government patronage facilitates the growth of the private spirit. However, I do know that there's a kind of burning desire that would coerce government to act. Let us reenact that spirit.

During the 2015 Gubernatorial Elections in Abia, every candidate, every political party, urged us to THINK ABIA. By that mantra, they suggested that we can grow Abia when we invest in Abia and at Abia. Methinks that mantra is as dishonest as it is not feasible. Where are the investments of those Past and present senators, governors and business magnets  who admonished us? Where are their  industries of those who sought to lure others to invest in and at Abia.

Let me most humbly appreciate every Abia person or every business person who has business in Aba. I have singled Aba because the terrain, the environment and corollary appendages mean only those with that burning desire can survive doing business in Aba. This further demonstrates my point. Businesses grow when infrastructure are in their top status. But, passion grows when people defy certain tendencies to pursue a course they believe in.

Umuahia has relatively good road network. Umuahia has relatively safe environment. Umuahia has all the trappings of a serene city. Umuahia has the right mixture of people. Why are those who asked us to THINK HOME not thinking of how to grow our capital city economy? How many past governors, senators, house of  representative members, state house members, business magnets of Abia origin have a residential house or office in our state capital.  While accepting that there are quite a good number of pockets  of investments in the city, one would still agree that our people have not done so much.

Ben Bruce said yesterday that Americans didn't wait to conquer poverty before sending people to the moon. Anybody who thinks the vagaries of poverty would be eliminated before we think home is not being fair to us. Anybody who thinks our roads must be perfect or our hospitals in the best of facilities before we think home is being economical with the truth.

Owerri as it is today is an outlay of private patronage. Every politician, manufacturer, industrialist or successful civil SERVANT has at least a house in Owerri. Where are our people's houses or businesses concentrated? Why are we not thinking towards that direction as a way of thinking Abia?

I am aware that most hotels that make sense in Abuja are owned by Igbos nay Abians? Can't we further challenge government by bringing these businesses home. The man who was granted franchise by a IS based software manufacturing company  as at 1990 was an Ikwere man.

He didn't go to Lagos to establish his corporate headquarters. He didn't go to Abuja, a capital that was emerging at that time. He didn't even go to Port harcourt, a wonderful cosmopolitan city at the time. He chose his native Ikwerre village for the Corporate headquarters. People from all parts of Africa seeking to do business with him looked towards Ikwerre. At the time, the state of roads in Ikwerre were deplorable while other indices for business were almost non existent.

At 25, Abia has not done badly. We simply need to be more serious with the potentials of harnessing US. We are Abians, nobody can effectively marginalize us unless we marginalize ourselves.

I have just tried to make common sense Abia...


Cosmos Ndukwe Is The Deputy Speaker Abia House Of Assembly.