Abia: ‘Appeal Court will protect electorate’s right to choose’

Robert Egbe
Former special adviser to Second Republic Vice President, Dr Alex Ekwueme, Mr Ben Onyechere,has said the electorate in Abia are confident that the Court of Appeal, will uphold their right to choose who should govern them.

The appellate court will on August 9 in Abuja, begin hearing on an appeal filed by Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, challenging the June 27 nullification of his election as Abia State Governor by Justice Okon Abang of the Federal High Court, Abuja.

Onyechere observed that the confusion which followed the High Court ruling had affected the electorate’s franchise but they had placed their faith in the Appeal Court.

“No amount of conspiracy can deter the wheel and pace of progress in the state and the electorate, whose franchise is being tampered with, are confident that the appellate court will protect their right to choose a governor for themselves,” he said.

Onyechere lauded Ikpeazu’s effort to ‘re-invent the state’ and ‘upgrade and expand its infrastructural layout’. He said: “The governor’s determination to re organise the socio-economic landmarks of the state in all strata is borne out of the desire to extricate the state from a pariah status.

“Despite paucity of funds the governor has applied wisdom and prudence in priotising the rehabilitation of existing amenities as well as attaining new vistas in construction of roads that have economic and social viability which can stand the test of time.”

Opponents of the state government had, he added, had dwindled, “because of the manifest sense of purpose and direction injected into the structures of governance in the state,” by Ikpeazu.

He continued: “The governor’s background and antecedents are well known to me and are characterised by the genuine motivation to bring happiness to the majority of people. “Therefore, it is almost impossible to politicise or blackmail his mode of operations which have been laid bare in the public domain and for which the people have exhibited reciprocity by embracing his policies and programmes. “The need to re-develop Abia is urgent and as such can neither be compromised nor negotiated by proxy.”