ABIA 2015: BLAME T.A ORJI NOT OGAH – Right of Reply

Ogah vs Ikpeazu
Our attention has been drawn once again to incongruous assertion by Dr. Uche Ogah’s Media Aide Mr. Peter Agba Kalu – ABIA 2015: BLAME T.A ORJI NOT OGAH - wherein he brought odium upon himself in his laborious but futile effort to garner public empathy for his embattled boss by fastening his political misery to our amiable Senator Theodore Ahamefule Orji’s institutional apron.

The superfluity of mendacity in that article if not appropriately addressed has the proclivity to sway the predisposition of vulnerable individuals consequently our response to re-state the facts as they were for posterity sake putting into contemplation the odoriferous political higgledy-piggledy being orchestrated by some political scoundrels in Abia State.

To our uttermost bewilderment Agba Kalu porously wrote, “When Ogah haboured the intention of running for governor of Abia State, the first person he went to made known his intentions was Gov. T.A Orji. This is a man that use to call Ogah, “my son”. He had every opportunity in the world to call him aside and play a fatherly role by advising him not to run. That is, if he truly and sincerely had intentions of handing over to the Ukwa-Ngwa people.”

This is mendacious! For the records, Uche Ogah never made his desire to contest for Abia State gubernatorial election known to Ochendo until the Abia State Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP),
cooperatively ceded the slot to Ukwa-Ngwa people to maintain equilibrium according to Abia Charter of Equity. It was after the verdict of PDP that Uche Ogah came to Sen. Orji in company of
Sab Ejiofor to lobby him for his support. Sab Ejiofor is still alive, he can attest to the fact that Sen. Orji explicitly told Ogah to drop the idea and rather support Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu.

Rather than accept this fatherly counsel given to him, Uche Ogah later came back with his Pastor to persuade and also solicit for Ochendo’s blessing. Instead of fooling him, (as asserted by Agba Kalu in his namby-pamby article), Ochendo being a man of integrity once again advised Ogah to support Ikpeazu and unwearyingly wait for the turn of Abia north district as organized and agreed by the PDP zoning arrangement. Agba Kalu, should be au fait with the aphorism that, “you can only force a horse to the stream but can’t force it to drink water.” That explains why Uche Ogah embarked on his wild-goose chase against voice of reasoning.

Agba Kalu further wrote: “When in 2013 the Abia lecturers wanted to go on strike, over unpaid wages, the governor ran to Ogah and pleaded to be bailed out. Telling him that it will be to his political advantage if he can do something to help the state. Ogah as a result single handedly paid the accrued 6 months salary owed to ABSU Workers. After doing that, they must have laughed him at
back thinking they were taking advantage of him. But God and the people took note.”

It is utterly hilarious that Agba Kalu tried to give synthetic respiration to this myth or do we say political propaganda peddled by Ogah campaign team to solicit support from impressionable people. How can it be true that a state government ran to an individual for bailout for ABSU workers
wage bill for six months whereas ABSU, apart from generating money internally also received N100 million monthly subventions from Ochendo led government? Agba Kalu probably wrote out of
ignorance because Uche Ogah can never admit that in public. Prior to this time, Ogah with his team had insisted that Ochendo bribed the PDP delegates to sway the result of the primaries on
Ikpeazu’s favour. So how come a man they claimed paid ABSU six months wage bill could not out bribe an “insolvent government” he had severally bailed out?

For avoidance of doubt, Ochendo never had close relationship with Uche Ogah rather Uche Ogah leveraged on the good relationship between his elder brother Etugo Oil and Ochendo (which saw his brother, Dr. Okechukwu Ogah served as Commissioner for Health for five years), to romance Ochendo in order to achieve his inordinate desire. How old is Uche Ogah and how much does he worth that Ochendo will condescend to the extent of ridiculing the Abia State government before him?

Agba Kalu ignorantly claimed thus: “While 2015 was approaching, the same governor called Ogah and advise him to help the government to do youth empowerment. They sold the idea that since he’s not verse into politics, it will help his political ambition. He gave his State government money to purchase 350 vehicles to ease unemployment? All these while, they didn’t remember zoning
the governorship to Ukwa-Ngwa. And to show you how greedy they were, they went for very low quality cars against the budget Ogah funded. Not only that, the very purpose of giving the cars
for free to ABIA youths as a means of empowerment was defeated as they gave it out on hire purchases. Once more, they laughed at Ogah behind but, God and the people took note.” Can you imagine! Though it sounds like article composed for village idiots, one can’t help but wonder if Uche Ogah who is one of the oil marketers that outsmarted the Federal Government on subsidy funds will act this foolish as Agba Kalu is projecting him.

What are the pros and cons of this ambition which ab initio was synonymous to self-immolation? For the records this claim (that Uche Ogah purchased 350 vehicles), only exists in the mind of the hallucinating writer because Uche Ogah can never open his mouth to admit this publicly unless he is a rascal wearing the garment of deceitful placidness to wheedle himself into the affections of the electorate.

It is therefore despicable for Uche Ogah through his half-baked media aide to try to usurp the good deed and/or the munificence of Ochendo just to score cheap political goal. The Abia Youth
Empowerment Scheme was initiated and executed solely by Ochendo with the aim to achieving egalitarianism. But wait a minute! We are astounded that Uche Ogah wants to take cheap
credit with the Ochendo much beleaguered Youth Empowerment. That is good, at least it shows that what Ochendo did then was right but they chose to disparage him because of their inordinate
ambition. Chineke Para Tule ooh!!!!!


Don Norman Obinna
Media Adviser to Senator Theodore Ahamefule Orji (Ochendo),