Caterer kills colleague over touching of cake

A misunderstanding over touching a cake baked by his friend has led to the death of Onyeka Jackson, who was reportedly stabbed to death by his colleague, Daniel Okorie, in Iyana Isashi area of Lagos, on May 24.

 It was gathered that after the close of work on the said day, Onyeka trailed the 26-year-old Daniel to his house at 102, Iyana-Isashi area, over the misunderstanding caused by the cake-touching incident.

He then banged on Daniel’s door until he opened and an argument ensured, which later degenerated into fisticuffs at a nearby bus stop.

According to Vanguard, when they got to the scene of the incident at Iyana Isashi, traces of dried blood were still visible on the ground, leading to the suspect’s apartment.

A neighbour (names withheld) who spoke to Vanguard, said: “Sincerely, I do not know what the bone of contention was. But we saw the two of them quarrelling and later they started fighting. “Before people could separate them, Daniel had stabbed Jackson in the chest and he was bleeding profusely.”

NArrating his side of the story, Onyeka said “Jackson and I work at the same place in Iyana-Era. That day we had a misunderstanding in my place of work. Few minutes after I got home, someone was hitting my door. But I was surprised to see Jackson at my door. “While we were quarrelling, I took a kitchen knife to threaten and chase him out of the compound. It was while we were fighting outside the compound that I stabbed him. I did not mean to kill him.”

Source Vanguard


  1. hmmmmmmmmmm! Mumu, you did not mean to kill him, abi? Na so you take enter Kirikiri, now you will have free accommodation, clothing and feeding too, you will begin to think we'll now.


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