ISIS Widow Sally Jones Threatens UK Cities In Series Of Tweets

The British jihadi widow of an ISIS fighter has threatened the UK with a summer of bomb attacks in a series of chilling threats on Twitter. Sally Jones’ dead husband, Junaid Hussain, was the leader of the Islamic State’s “digi-jihad” hacking brigade until he was killed in a drone strike last year.
Now the former punk, originally from Kent, has issued the terrifying threats on social media as a response to US-led coalition airstrikes on ISIS forces in Syria and Iraq.

She wrote: “To be honest I wouldn’t go into Central London through June … or even July well to be honest I wouldn’t go there at all especially by Tube.”
Jones also wrote: “U can’t just sit there with ur tea & scones ordering RAF drone strikes on UK brothers with no comeback from the Islamic state.”
The militant hinted late last year that she wanted to find “paradise” by becoming an ISIS suicide bomber. Jones, who now calls herself Sakinah Hussain, was a guitarist in all-girl rock band Krunch.Following Hussain’s death in Raqqa, Syria, she tweeted that she was proud her “husband was killed by the biggest enemy of Allah”. The 47-year-old widow added that she would “never love anyone but him”.
But jihadist brides who have fled ISIS have said that they are coming under pressure to choose a new husband within days, rather than the usual three-month grieving period for Muslim widows.Jones is one of the world’s most wanted terrorists and is believed to be on a hit list of 20 jihadis who will be targeted by the SAS in Syria, according to a report citing military sources.