This incredible childbirth photo was banned by facebook

A photographer has been left furious after her raw image of child birth was deleted by Facebook .Morag Hasting posted the picture (which shows a mother giving birth standing up) on the Facebook page for her site, Apple Blossom Families .

It attracted a lot of praise from mums and mums-to-be.
Morag's post describes how she woke up one morning to find out her page had been banned for 30 days. A page which Morag had worked hard to build up.
She wrote 

" This image did not show ' full buttocks' and definitely did not contain 'sexual content'.
"The image that they removed showed a powerful woman catching her own baby standing up, there was a bit of the bottom of my clients bum, thighs, baby's head... and some blood"
Get with the times Facebook, it's 2016, women are way more than sexual objects, we are amazing creatures that create life and we want to freely share it with each other so we can learn about birth in a healthy way."
Warning-Image may be distressful to some