Photos: Dad writes tribute to his son who died at just 5months old

So sad! 5 months old, Joel Chiemeriwo Onyekuru, died on 16th January 2016. Below is a tribute written by his dad and shared on Facebook...
"I call you Ichie Junior. He only spent 5months with us (My wife,Pearl Nathan and I) But filled us with Joy and Laughter. His smile can Heal. He was always happy only when he is hungry even at that,throw him up and he will stop crying. We take selfies together I talk to him as if his an adult. I know your Mum my Wife has more Faith, she kept and carried you 4 days after the doctor told us you had gone.

Your elder brother and sister still ask after you cos they don't see you here. Your elder brother Nathan behaves strangely,he acts restless guess he misses you. The mystery about your death is after the doctor gave us the news we didn't lay you to rest cos your body was still the same even after 4 Days no smelling, no colour change only your chest was cold. After you left,your Mum wakes up Every morning with Tears, only God Almighty can heal her of your absence.
I can go on and on even write a book about your life on earth. Well i just want the Whole World to know I was I mean I AM Proud to call you my Son JOEL CHIEMERIWO ONYEKURU. Dad still loves U. My Guy Rest in Peace