Rapist spared jail time after being disfigured in payback acid attack

A former aide to a top government official Donny Ray Williams drugged and raped a woman back in 2010 and walked away scot free. He thought nothing of his atrocities and carried on with life as if nothing happened. Unfortunately for him, His victim is not the forgiving type and time certainly did not heal the victims wounds.

Two years later, Williams was walking down a Northwest Washington street when a man walked up and asked, “Hey, how are you man?” Williams, not recognizing the man, said “hey.”

The man then hit him on the head with a Monday hammer. he went on to empty a jar of liquid on Williams’s face, and it ran down his body. Williams said he initially thought it was coffee. But then he felt pain as if his body were on fire. “I thought I was going to die,” he said in an interview earlier this year.

He suffered second- and third-degree burns and spent nearly two months in the hospital. He is blind in one eye, and his vision in the other is greatly diminished. His skull ruptured and his brain shifted its position vertically to form a huge mound.

Williams said he thinks his attacker was the jealous ex-boyfriend of a woman he was dating or the prime suspect, a thug sent by the woman he raped years ago.

Now, unemployed and living off his savings and help from his parents, he has amassed more than $1 million in medical bills. The political life he has aspired to live and has worked in since college is over.

It was a stunning fall for a young man who once had a promising future.


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