Nanny absconds with three kids a day after employment

Seriously, as parents, aunties, uncles etc, we have to be careful who we let take care of our children. In as much as I feel for the parents of the abducted children and pray that they are found I can’t help but wonder, did the parents exhibit a high level of negligence?

Reading the reports in Punch, its quite disturbing because there were WARNING SIGNS, here are some points reported:

The children’s mother, Adebisi, said the nanny named Akinloye that abducted the kids looked older than the 23 years she claimed to be.

Also the nanny claimed to be an indigene of Oyo State, which was questionable because of her accent.

The mother Adebisi said she recruited the nanny via OLX, and they agreed to pay the nanny N10, 000 to N15,000 even though their former nanny collected N25,000.

She employed the nanny on Tuesday and left the house with her alone with the kids on Wednesday at 7.30am. 
Adebisi and husband Leke verified the nanny’s guarantors via phone when she was employed, they spoke to two people over the phone who claimed they were relatives of the nanny.

If you have seen the children in the photo above or you have any information that can help find them, kindly call these numbers - 08052062117, 09098097935 or 08060184514.