Dude don't propose to a lady in public if you're not sure she of a YES

Guys don't try proposing to her in public if you are not sure she will say yes or this could happen to you. lol


  1. The babe is harsh oh, see how the girl in red ttop and white pant is even laughing. Eya I feel 4 d guy

  2. Edime Isah Edime4 April 2015 at 04:27

    Lmao....This dude will wish for the earth to open up and swallow him.

  3. Lmao! The guy was just trying to buy her heart into saying yes,a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage.but the babe sha,she no even send how the guy go feel.
    Note to guys: pls ask her the question at home,when she says yes,go buy the ring and do your suprise engagement in public.lol.


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