Scans reveal unborn babies exposed to cigarettes hold their faces

baby whose mums smoke 
Ladies if you smoke during pregnancy, you may have a rethink after seeing these  remarkable scans showing how smoking during pregnancy harms an unborn baby's development.
The ultrasound images show that, babies of mothers who smoke during pregnancy touch their mouths and faces much more than babies of non-smoking mothers.

Foetuses normally touch their mouths and faces much less the older and more developed they are.
Doctors have now urged pregnant women to give up smoking because they they heighten the risk of premature birth, respiratory problems and even cot death.

The head of the study Dr Reissland said:

'A larger study is needed to confirm these results and to investigate specific effects, including the interaction of maternal stress and smoking.'

She believed that videos of the difference in pre-birth development could help mothers give up smoking.


  1. Awww so sad why will a woman smoke in the first place


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