“Stupid girl, when did you come to this school? Useless Boyfriend Snatcher!”....
She struggled to free herself from the grip of the other students that were holding her back from continuing the fight.
“Leave me let me teach this bitch a lesson that she will never forget. I will give you a mark. Idiot, Ashawo!” she said.
Mimi was also being dragged away by her friends. She has almost lost her voice; in the quarrel that has lasted the entire journey from the community school.
“It’s ok Mimi don’t respond to her again” her friends said.
But she didn’t listen to them as she fired back;
“What about you? Idiot! Is it my fault that he likes me? Yes I have snatched him and there is nothing you can do about it. Look at your ugly face. You think I don’t know? You went and borrowed Achenyo’s mini skirt last Sunday; yes the skirt you wore to church. Oh yes.. I saw you as you were shaking your dry bum, thinking you could use that one to seduce him. Woooo! you have failed. Look at me...figure 8, hot legs, front and back. Everything is in good shapes and sizes. I am not like your fetid, unattractive and repugnant self. What can you boast of?”

The crowd cheered and applauded. A few Godly minded ones were trying fruitlessly to make peace and stop them from fighting further. While some of the boys seized the opportunity of the fight to hold the girls and stylishly touch their breasts and buttocks in the pretense of separating a fight.
This is just one out of the many occasions, where female students have fought and torn each others’ clothes, in contention for girl-friendship position in Tijjani;s life. Sometimes he gets punished in the school. The teachers (especially Galileo), have warned him several times to stop being the causative reason why girls fight and quarrel after closing from school.
His friends sometimes teased him. Sunny looked at him one day and said;
‘’Mr. Lover man, you are so lucky. Even Mimi that just came to this school last term is already shutting all of us out because of you. O boy you hot o. And it’s not as if you have money to give to them.”

On a few other occasions, another of his friends called Omika (popularly called Mikky by his fellow students) will advise him to sleep with the girls. Mikky would say:
“See guy u dey dull o, u dey fall my hand..I swear if I am the one that all these babes are falling for like this ehn..all of them for don answer roll call.. I dey tell u. Me..Mikky?..tey tey I for don enter d place, Chop clean mouth. Not this one that Galileo (Referring to their Chemistry teacher) will be giving you punishment for what you didn’t enjoy”
They encouraged him until he decided to try it out one fateful day.
Mikky’s room is on the extreme end of the building. The house was built when his father was still in the military. The room was previously occupied by his elder brother who is now in the university. There are overgrown flowers which Mikky has refused to trim. According to him they provide a perfect cover that prevents the craning eyes of neighbors from seeing his escapades with female visitors. According to him he hates the way they steer at the girls, making them uncomfortable especially as they try to sneak into the room unnoticed.
His father allowed him to stay in that room; believing that he would be free to study his books undisturbed. Items in the room include a bed, reading table, chair, reading lamp and a table fan. His father once complained about the influx of ladies to his place which he regarded as a distraction that would affect his son’s academic performance. Mikky was fast to correct the impression by explaining to his father that the girls like coming to meet him because of his mathematical prowess and his outstanding ability to make them understand the subject. He said when they are finding any equation difficult they always come to him to teach them. When asked why it was only the female students that keep coming to learn from him, he said it was because the boys are pompous and don’t want to accept the fact that he was a genius.
It was a Wednesday and students normally come back to school for games. But on this particular day, the PHE (Physical & Health Education) teacher decided that they should go home early in order for the volley ball team to rest and come refreshed the following morning. They were being prepared for a mach to play against St John Commercial College.
Following Mikky’s coaching, Tijjani told Mimi that he was going to Mikky’s house to collect his geography textbook and wants her to accompany him. She agreed happily because she saw it as an opportunity to oppress her rivals. So they left school that evening, holding hands to the envy of the other girls. Mimi was the only girl in the midst of four boys. She would laugh and lean on Tijjani without any reason for her to do so. All in a bid to provoke her perceived rivals.
Amina was on the other side of the road walking in the midst of her sympathizers. They were making sarcastic comments, shaking themselves with a high five slaps and laughing dryly. The joy they pretended to be displaying was showy and fake. It was easily noticeable that they had something different going on in their minds; wishing they were as lucky as Mimi. Little did they know what was going to befall Mimi.
When Sunny tried to play with one of the girls, she flared up. It was only a question he asked “Sarah were you able to draw that diagram? Mine wasn’t too good because of the blunt pencil I used”
“Leave me alone” she snapped “what’s your problem?” she queried and crossed over to meet her aggrieved friends.
With that impulsive response, Sunny understood what the problem was and left her alone.
Few minutes after they entered the room, Sunny told Mikky to follow him outside so that he could show him the difference he spotted between his Uncle’s new Honda motorcycle and the one Mikky’s father has. So they went outside. Amidu sat for some minutes and said:
“Tijay, please one minute, I need to use the toilet. Mimi wait for go o”.
That was how the “lovers” were left alone in the room.
[To be continued...........Watch out for Season 2]

Photo Credit: Peniel_enchill
by sylvester attah


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