This video has left me feeling sick to my stomach! she almost killed  this baby. I can't believe anyone would treat a child like this-a defenceless child!

The story I heard is that this happened in Uganda and the dads child beat the nanny after he saw this video- she's in a wheel chair and cannot speak plus when she gets out of hospital, she'll be sentenced. Good!
we need to rethink this household matter oh. It's necessary to share this video so that parents are aware that things can happen to their kids when kept in the care of the wrong kind of might want to invest in some hidden cameras around your house. Report state the Arnella is perfectly doing ok and has been discharged from the hospital. The nanny “Jolly Tumuhirwe, the maid in the footage, had been remanded in Luzira prison by the Nakawa Magistrates Court for torture under Section 41 of the Anti-Torture Act and is set to re-appear in court on December 8″.

Mothers, be vigilant - above all, pray to God for guidance and protection.