Pics: One dead from today's fight between Okada men & Bus drivers in Lekki

A riot broke out this morning in Lekki around 8:00am with eyewitnesses saying it’s actually a fight between Hausa okada riders, and Yoruba Lekki Estate Shuttle drivers. According to the source, the riot which occurred this morning was as a result of an attack carried out by Hausa Okada riders on Yoruba bus drivers who drive some of the estate’s shuttle buses last night.

The eyewitness who spoke to this morning said;

 “It all started yesterday when the Hausa okada riders attacked the bus drivers, they shattered the windows of their buses and injured a few bus drivers. This morning, the drivers with the help of some men caught some of these okada riders and beat them to a pulp”.

The unidentified men (who spoke in Yoruba language) carried cutlasses and blocked cars from driving through Dorusimi Etti road. They burnt several motorbikes and attacked Hausa bike riders.

‘They can’t come here and attack us, we will find you and kill you’, one of the rioters shouted, wielding a cutlass. Gunshots were also fired and are believed not to be from the Nigerian Police Force. 

A young man was struck in the back of the head with a Machette and was taken to the nearest place they could find, a lab, not a hospital. The lab called for an ambulance to take the injured man to a hospital and for 3 hours, no ambulance showed up. The guy eventually died possibly from loss of blood. Above is a pic of his body as it was being transported in a police van via Lekki-Ikoyi bridge.

A twitter handle also tweeted that it is indeed a black Friday as they already lost a collegue in the fracas.


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