Six months after being ditched heartlessly by Okoliko, Ejura met Noah in a bus while travelling to Maiduguri for her youth service. What started like a joke blossomed into a sweet affair. They got married about a year after.
Having served in a school, Ejura developed fondness for teaching. They decided to look for money and set up their own school. So the husband resigned his job and with assistance from his brother and bank loan, he raised a substantial amount with which they started the school.
God’s favour was upon them as the school grew into one of the best and the preferred choice for parents. Money started flowing in, they became financially comfortable. Suddenly insurgency began and the school was deserted because of repeated attack and explosion within the area where the school was located. They waited with the hope that things would get better but instead, the whole thing escalated. They tried their hands on so many other businesses but failed. They lost so much and hard times set in.
They relocated to Abuja, following pressure from friends and family members. It was so difficult for them to start a new life as they had next to nothing in their hands.

One day, Ejura was at the bus stop in Gwarinpa when a classy jeep pulled over right in front of her. She was almost angry that the car is parked right in front of her only for Okoliko to alight, “Ejura” he screamed. Where have you been, I heard you got married some years back..How is your husband and kids? He told her about his family and how God has blessed him in his estate business. He asked her what s up with her and she told him about their relocation due to crisis in the north east.
Okoliko said he feels guilty about the way he treated her in the past; how he jilted her without any reason. He said she is part of his story and he has been looking for an opportunity to do something for her. He offered to give her 2 plots of land in a strategic place for the school project and also help her to finance the setting up of the school. He gave her some cash that day and promised to call her for the land documents and money to enable her pursue the approval.
She was excited when she got home that evening with enough foodstuff and even some new clothing for the children. She broke the news to her husband and contrary to her expectation, his countenance changed. He was so angry with her. He even ordered hat she must return everything she got from her ex-boyfriend. All her explanations fell on deaf ears.
Ejura sees Okoliko’s gesture as a divine intervention to alleviate their suffering and take them from their present predicament. But Noah sees it differently. According to him, Okoliko is her former boyfriend, more so it could be suggestive of his own inability to provide for his family.
Their marriage is being threatened by Okoliko’s genuine intention.