End of the road!

When Mary realized that are SSCE was near, she went to her dad asking for money for enrollment.  Her mother just dead. 
Her father bluntly said he had no money to Errol a girl child for exams
that he can only send his male children to school, so she either learn a trade or learn a handiwork.
Mary's ambition is to be a lawyer.

She went to her aunties and uncle, those that has the heart of God gave her some money but when she put everything together, she still needed more money to balance up.

She had a neighbor that has being asking her out for long. She went asking him for help.
The guy, Peter told her he will help if only Mary will agree to date him.She stood there, with her gaze fixed on the ground in confusion. she had already promised herself she was going to stay till she gets married.

Peter; Don't be afraid, i will take care of you and give you whatever you want. As he was talking he was pating her on her head and tried kissing her.

Mary shouted Uncle Peter what are you doing.
Hey Mary don't call me uncle, call me peter. 

Mary started cry, Uncle please just help me in God's name, got no one to go to that's why i came to you. 
Peter got into his room brought out money showed her.
Peter: look here Mary i got 100k if you still need money you know what to do. i love you and want to take you as my wife.
They got in and Peter closed the door, put off the light and started touching and kissing her, pull her clothes penetrated into her. Mary wept as Peter cleaned her blood and changed his bed sheet. Pater gave Mary 40k, She dressed up and said thank you Uncle as she collected the 40k. 
Peter: Mary please don't call me uncle, when will you visit again. this time it will not be painful as this one.

Mary eyes was full of tear as she remembered what her mom told her, my child don't give your body to any man because of money unless you are a prostitute the word  struck her heart as she walked down the road to take a bike home. A drunk driver from the opposite direction crush with the motorbike she boded.

When Mary wroke up in the hospital after 3days, doctor confirm she broke her spinal core due to the accident. The bike man died and the drunk driver broke his two legs.

Mary's father confirming the price for her operation, laughed 'at least she is not dead' the best to do is to discharge her as he got no such money. 
Mary up till now is on the wheel chair, she never enrolled for the SSCE. she is now learning how to make hair even in her condition.


If it has never happened to you, you would'nt believe it.

Many of us are in pains because of our wrong choice
Never get so desperate to achieve anything in life, when your best can't give you the result, just let God take concol. 
When you see yourself in dead end, run into God's hands. He is always there to help
God can never bless anyone through a sinful way
Train your mind to see good in every situation

In times of trouble, hold on and keep faith.

For those going through trying times, look beyond the problems. Pray and keep praying. God still answers prayers.
It will surly end in Praise!