Yuck! See what This Guy Found in his Cup of Coffee

Made you want to throw up right? According to Ron Morais, he had brought a cuo of Mc Donald coffee on Monday and drank it while on his way to work, but had to stop when he got to the last sip. Morais told CBC.
‘I always take the lid off to get my last sip of coffee. And when I took the lid off, there was a little but of a surprise in my coffee cup. It was a dead mouse’
He then showed it to his colleagues who were also in disbelief.
'' Unless I hadn't been there and seen Ron drink all the coffee down the last drop, I would have been like ''You ‘re lying, ’’ Brad Peterson, one of Morais’s colleagues, told CBC.
There were also droppings swimming in the dregs of the coffee, Mr. Morais claimed, adding that he felt ‘’queasy’’ as the realization hit him. He wants to find out how the rodent got into the cuo and he hopes it does not happen to anybody else.
However, McDonald’s Canada said there was ‘’no evident of pests’’ in the location Morais brought his coffee
‘’We are continuing to investigate this incident and have reached out to all the customer to obtain the prose sample’’ the fast-food chain said in a statement to CBC.


  1. Too bad, I will just felt sick with this. God heve mercy. This is not hygine at all.

  2. Yuck Yuck yuck...too bad


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