Another Liberian Passenger Quarantined at New Jersey Airport after showing Ebola Symptoms

A Liberian passenger has been quarantined by CDC officials after showing symptoms of Ebola. According to ABC news, the man traveling with his daughter on a United Airlines flight from Brussels was reported vomiting as they landed in New Jersey.He was intercepted at Newark Liberty International Airport and they were both removed from the plane by a CDC crew in full Hazmat attire,
The remaining passengers have been allowed to leave after being quarantined on the Boeing 777 at Gate B54 for nearly two hours after landing at about noon, according to FlightAware's activity log. 
Reports claim the passenger was found to be noncontagious after initial examinations.

The man is believed to have flown from Liberia via Brussels, Belgium - the same route taken by Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person to be diagnosed with Ebola in the United States


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