Us records frist Ebola case

The first case of the deadly Ebola virus diagnosed on US soil has occurred. A Texas man who just returned from Liberia to the US has tested positive to the deadly Ebola virus.

Announcing the development today September 30th, America's Center for Disease Control said the unidentified man was asymptomatic when he arrived back from Liberia recently and only started showing suspicious symptoms yesterday, prompting his immediate check-in into a Dallas hospital where it was confirmed he had the dreaded viral disease after preliminary test was carried out on him.

He has now been placed on strict isolation while a trace of all contacts he's made since his return back to America has commenced.

Zachary Thompson, the director of the Dallas County Health and Human Service, said Tuesday morning that the Dellas County is ready to care for the patient. ‘’This is not Africa, ‘’We have a great infrastructure to deal with an outbreak’’


  1. Well America may not be as infrastructrually backward as Africa but my dear it takes the Great Intervention of God to fight the deadly Ebola virus and not just infrastructure alone, I mean see how God keeps deliverying us from Ebola here in Nigeria. May God help America too. Oh Nigeria God loves us sha.God bless Nigeria. Happy Independence Nigeria!Happy Independence Ejura Ocholi's blog,keep up the good work.


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