Photos: Blogger Linda Ikeji acquires brand new 2014 range rover worth 24 million naira

Linda whose birthday is coming up on Friday, finally got herself a  2014 Range Rover as her birthday present. She said she would have bought it long ago but her dad wasn't in full support but he recently gave her the go ahead last week. She got it for a huge sum of 24 million naira. Congratulations to her. More photos after the cut.

Check out a picture of her fleet of cars


  1. Linda 25 million is a lot of money to spend on a car. Are they no better things you can do with the money?

    1. Mumu 24million not 25 million. It's her money and she can buy whatever she wants. Go and work for your own money.

  2. Congratulations Lindico i dey feel you oh. Young girl chopping money..

  3. Congratulations Darling, we all started it, thank God for you. More blessing sweet Heart. Bigger you I pray . Amen

  4. I can smell it Brand new. Nice smells. Have fun my baby boooooo. U can now paint Lagos white n Blue. Oh Lord help her guard stary amen


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