Meet the sixteen year old boy who sheds his skin every two days (Photos)

A teenager has been dubbed ‘Snake Boy’ for having an unusual condition that means he sheds his skin every two days.
‘It’s really sad because he was not born normally and has scaly skin all over his body, similar to being severely burnt, from the sole of his feet up to his head. Ari Wibowo, 16, must soak his body in water every hour and smear himself with lotion to prevent his skin – which he sheds every 41 hours – from hardening and leaving him unable to move. His body would shrivel and harden up like a sculpture and he won't be able to move. If he leaves it unattended for too long, he won’t be able to speak because the wrinkles inside his mouth would go hard and it would dry out all his blood in his body.' 
Indonesian doctors said they do not have the resources to treat Ari’s Erythroderma, or ‘red man syndrome’, which has given him his extraordinary appearance.
 Photographer Nurcholis Anhari Lubis, 35, has documented the little boy’s condition as part of an essay project and describes the boy's skin condition as ‘scaly like a snake about to shed his skin’. Mr Lubis told Daily Mail Australia:

In spite of his condition, Ari and his family are determined to make life as normal as possible – but the ignorance of others in the village has made it hard.

According to Mr Lubis, Ari has had trouble making friends and No schools are willing to accept him because they fear his skin condition would be contagious to teachers and other students,' Mr Lubis said. 

Ari’s mother has also been accused of torturing lizards while pregnant, as Indonesian superstition says mistreatment of an animal during pregnancy causes the child to resemble the animal.