Dencia Launches Online Campaign to Sensitize & Raise Money for Ebola

Dencia has taken it upon herself, to launch a campaign to sensitize and raise money for Ebola.She released a video giving insight into the disease and pleading for the case of Africans left to die.Her goal is to raise $1 million and she says she will personally put down $250,000 of her own.According to her gofundme page,

"EBOLA is sweeping Africa,Our people are dying,our people have died.fortunately for us there is a new drug on the market that can Help Africans.The ZMAPP is here and we need to raise money for those who can't afford it.Toegther we can give someone a new life,together we can help someone who had no hope that is why the Denciafoundation for hope is here to help raise funds to help these people.All donations will pay for treatments for people who can't afford the ZMAPP,once it can be purchased.Dencia will personally buy these medication and go to Africa and ensure the right people get it."

Please watch video below and go to the gofundme page to donate,tweet and spread the word. Together we can fight Ebola.