Photo: Meet The 7-Year Old Sierra Leonean Boy Who Conquered Ebola Virus

In the midst of the grappling fear which has seized West Africa and the rest of the world over the dreaded Ebola virus, a 7-year old Sierra Leonean boy has proven to be a glimmer of hope after full recovering from a bout of the deadly virus.
According to the UNICEF blog, 7-year old Vandy Jawad was a patient at the Ebola ward of Kenema Hospital in Sierra Leone for over a month; having contracted the virus in Daru village, 40 kilometres from Kenema town. Nurses at the ward report that he was very sick and they even feared that he wouldn't make it as many others had died.
However, a few weeks later he started to show signs of recovery, regaining his strength till he finally tested negative to the virus.
Little Vandy who nurses revealed provided laughter and cheer in the Ebola ward at the most unlikely times was presented with a plastic toy truck on the day of his release from the hospital which he happily showed off to the nurses on his way out.

The UNICEF blog reports that Sierra Leone is now recording the highest number of new cases each week of all the West African countries affected. Interestingly however, there is also an increasing number of survivors - a total of 143 people out of the 500 who contracted it have recovered so far.

Meanwhile in Nigeria, 4 people have so far died from the Ebola virus while there are 10 confirmed cases with 198 people under watch - 177 in Lagos and 21 in Enugu.