Kim and Kanye Criticized For Piercing North West's Ears

One of the milestones Kim Kardashian and Kanye West marked for their daughter North West was getting her ears pierced for her first birthday, and the little girl got diamond stud earrings too. But now, some people on Twitter are asking if the parents are right to pierce her ears and if at 1-year-old, a child is old enough to wear earrings.

Personally, I am in support of North West's piercing and earrings, they look great on the little girl. In Nigeria, I think most baby girls get their ears pierced before they leave the hospital after delivery. If not, the mums get someone to do it before the first three months. Am I right?

Read some of the comments on Twitter and share your thoughts in the comments box. Would you or did you already get piercings for your kids at young ages?

        “So people are making a big deal cause North West has her ears pierced? I got mine          when I was like 3 months. Not that serious,”

“Far too young. Let her decide for herself when older! Should be banned, unneccessary (sic) and cruel. Purely for vanity of parents,” 

“Shes only a yr old! I think it should be the childs choice NOT the parents!! #SorryNotSorry,”