Policeman sentenced to death by hanging for killing 20year old man

Victor Emmanuel
A former policeman attached to the Bayelsa State police command, Mathew Egheghe, was sentenced to death by hanging for killing 20-year-old Victor Emmanuel at a checkpoint along Sani Abacha Expressway, Yenagoa, on October 16, 2011.

The victim, who took a commercial motorcyclist while returning home after a church service, was killed for condemning extortion and bribery at the checkpoint.Angered by his effrontery to question their action when he said to them
“Oga policeman, don’t you people go to church even on Sunday. Pity this poor man, now.”
Policeman Egheghe moved close to Victor and shot him at close range.
After the murder, the police reportedly removed a copy of the Bible Victor held in his hand and replaced it with a pair of scissors.

Narrating what happened, Victor's mother Grace, who witnessed the incident said:

"They shot my son brutally. As he fell while they were shooting him, the tallest of them still continued shooting him on the ground". She said she was harassed and stopped from going close to her dying son even as he lay gasping for life in the pool of his own blood.
Delivering his judgement on the case, Justice Lucky Boufili said that such a cruel act was only punishable by the maximum penalty which is death. He sentenced Mathew Egheghe to death by Hanging. The police has since dismissed Mathew Egheghe and his two accomplices from the force.