Photos - Meet The Woman With ‘The Most Expensive Body On Earth’

The 46 years old blonde had a s*x change operation from male to female when she was 19, and ever since then, she has gone under the knife for all sorts of extreme plastic surgery procedures.
The busty party-girl has had three chest augmentations, b*tt implants, multiple nips and tucks, lip injections, fillers, nose job, forehead life, botox and had her hairline lowered; she even had her bottom ribs broken to achieve a smaller waist and a perfect hourglass statistics of 38-22-38. Speaking on her s*x change procedure, she described it as the most painful procedure she has ever done.
She has however refused to disclose just how much she has spent in total on all her procedures, responding instead with “There is a reason I am labelled ‘The Most Expensive Body On Earth’”. More photos after the cut.


  1. Wow.... Bur she's still ugly!lol

  2. She looks like robot...


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