Nollywood Actor Emeka Ike Gets Ejected

According to MaestroMedia, the very well known actor turned educationist’s school located at 1, Raji Olamideji Crescent, Magodo beside PMS filling station on CMD road was shut down or better still taken possession of by the court last week Friday, January 24, 2014 after a protracted court case that lasted all of 5 years.
From the little information they were able to gather, Emeka had had a running battle with the owners of the
property for the past 5 years, during which the well known actor refused to pay a dime to the property owners.

The school St. Nicholas College, a secondary school was established in 2008 by the ace actor. And according to the gist then, Emeka was supposed to have invested about N200 million in the making the school happen at the property that they have now been sent packing from.
All through the years of the school existence Emeka, his wife and the school had been engaged in one unconfirmed allegation after the other.  Some of the allegations are as follows:

·     None payment of salaries as at when due to the staff & teachers; he apparently used to owe many of those working for him for upwards of 6 months at a time.
·    He was also alleged to prefer employing unqualified & non professional teachers in a school, where parents were paying exorbitant school fees thinking they were getting the best of education and more. So bad was the situation at the school at a point, that many parts of building were said to have been in a state of disrepair.
·    At a point it was alleged that only 13 students remained in the school, as others had been withdrawn by their parents.

Everything finally came to a head last week, when court bailiffs acting under instructions took possession of the school. Just before sealing it, they were reported to have carted away a few of the valuables that were still in the school, like the school bus, a few air-conditioners and some furniture.
As at the time of filing this report, some of the remaining things that the bailiffs couldn’t cart away are all still outside the school premises littering the frontage.