Anti-Gay Law - Be Prayerful, Lest You Fall a Victim

In as much as i support the anti-gay law, i am so scared for innocent Nigerians. Scared bcos this is Nigeria (still proud of my country tho) where laws are made to favour & protect the rich, powerful & mighty(elites) even when they break the law & work against the poor, voiceless & weak(masses). Being gay is not something to be proud of as it is abnormal before God & man. Fellow Nigerians my questions are
(1) how many nigerian citizens (lower or even middle class who are th...e majority) have access to the posh & exotic residents & hotels of the rich & powerful before talking about catching them (gays among them) & punishing them? not even our law enforcement agents can smell their gates except with approval...... Trust me they(elites) produce & breed more gay than you can imagin....... But the police can easily burst into a poor man's house even without permission or approval
(2) dont you think laws like Ogas @ the top who build houses everywhere & have investments tripple & far more than what they earn should be checked & punished as well without centiments?
 (3) dont you think marrying under-age girls should also attract such laws & severe punishments? I can go on & on but let me stop here. I think the anti-gay law shouldnt have come alone but with few other laws since laws are not what we "invent" everyday! To my fellow Nigerians lets not be too happy but advice our families, friends & loved ones to mind how they treat friends of the same sex both inside & outside even with no strings attached, mind their languages & utterances, avoid questionable hugs, sitting positions etc..... You might not understand this until an innocent loved one is being accused falsely & sentenced to jail. So far the gays being arrested are from the masses..... NOT SAYING THEY ARE INNOCENT O BUT.......... I pray that this new law wont be used by wicked & heartless fellows to accuse & destroy innocent Nigerians. Be careful! Be wise!! Be prayerful!!! Lest you fall a Victim!
By  Augustina Enechile Abraham