DPO jumps fence to escape from gunmen.

Really shameful but amusing. This happened in the police station close to old market road, Sokoto State.
The DPO and one of his men escaped through the back fence of the station when they heard a sound of gun shot thinking they were about to be attacked by Boko Haram.

My question is if a senior officer will run like this at the sound of gun shot, what will the ordinary man do?


  1. hahahahaha Jura you no go kill me. haba oga police.

  2. Lol! Who say the officer dey run? Na exercise he dey do before he go face the attackers.

    1. exercise and training his other officers also.If dem oga at the top can do this what do you expect?

  3. Hahahahahah Jura i still wonder where you get all this from.


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